Week 1 - 2

The pups are 2 weeks old today! Almost everyone's eyes are open and they get more mobile every day. They eat constantly and are growing like weeds. We are impressed by the weight of these puppies, Freya is doing an excellent job at keeping them round. They love to be held and are starting to interact with each other, it is adorable to watch. Enjoy their weekly photo updates!

Week 2 - 3

The puppies are now 17 days old and today we changed the puppybox for them. They have started to move around so it was time to give them a little surface on the floor to start to get down from the puppy box.

Week 3 - 4

Puppies are now 3 weeks and in this amazing week, we see the puppies transform from deaf, blind, helpless loaves of fur, to real little puppies who can hear, toddle, and play. Many funny and touching moments when they realize there’s a whole world outside of themselves and we introduce our puppies to toys and the world beyond their whelping box. Of course they still sleep very much and the short time that they are awake is just precious! Below are some mixed photos of them from today. Enjoy!

Week 4 - 5

Our darling puppies are now 4 weeks old and we have reached halftime for our time with them. They have gotten a bigger playarea and are awake and active for longer periods at a time, even if it is most of the time not for more than 20 minutes. They also gained first experiences in growling and barking and have now been eating solid food once a day for a few days as compliment to the milk they get from Freya.

And puppies best "uncle" Kenzo is so curious and fond of them and watchs at them with a lot of interest. Below are this weeks individual photos.

Week 5 - 6

The puppies are growing quickly and changing so fast! Seems like just yesterday they were barely crawling around and now they are running, playing, and beginning to look like beautiful little dogs! Their personalities are really starting to shine, and every single one of them is friendly, loving, and personable. They are very active and love to explore outside and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. They love to give kisses, too! They are still babies, though, so they still enjoy their time snuggling together in a "puppy pile" (it is a very precious sight!)

Week 5 - 7

These 6 weeks have flown by! This stage is so fun, they love to explore and play, and their personalities are starting to come out. They are still so mellow and absolutely darling! Very impressed with this litter.

Now the puppies were baptised with champagne and got their names. Let me introduce our litter once again in order they were born:

Tejarpsdalens Quincy Jones (blue)

Tejarpsdalens Quantum Of Solace (beige)

Tejarpsdalens Quartermain (Orange)

Tejarpsdalens Quicksilver (Purple)

Time flies! It is their last week with us and as hard as it is to say goodbye, it is just as exciting to think about all of the lives they are going  to brighten.

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