Week 1 - 2

By the end of their first week our pups are beginning to change. Front legs are able to support their weight making it easier to seek out mum and the next milk feed. At this stage our pups still can’t hear but they begin to sense vibrations. Tilda is doing an excellent job at keeping them round. Puppies are starting to interact with each other, it is adorable to watch. 
At around 14 days old our pups will start to open their eyes. The world around them will be fuzzy to begin with but their sight will soon improve and help them discover their world.
Enjoy their weekly photo updates!

Week 2 - 3

S-litter is now 14 day’s this evening. Eyes are now open on all 5 puppies. Unstable on legs but try to walk..begin to explore the world a bit but much eat and sleep yet. Mother Tilda takes really good care of her babies

Week 3 - 4

Last day in whelpingbox today. This evening we move downstairs thow we begin to need more space to play. And... is to curious of what’s happening outside so we don’t fall over. They see and hear now, begin to small growl and bark.

Moved downstairs to bigger place to play on. They play more and more with each other but still much sleep. Tasted food at first time wich the liked at once.

Week 4 - 5

By week four, our cute puppies become very inquisitive. This is the week where they understand the importance – and great fun – of playing with one another! They start to ‘play-bow’ and may give each other a friendly growl. They will also become interested in toys and soon learn how much fun they can be. They will now start to pick up lots of doggy mannerisms from their mum, which is very important. The pups will also be eating more and more by this week, and enjoying it more too.

The little prince in the this litter

Our puppies’ senses are now all fully developed. With help and guidance from their mum they are learning through play but this is also a good time to start to introduce new things to the pups. Meeting new people, experiencing new sounds, being handled and meeting people will help our pups feel familiar and confident with experiences they come across in later life.

Week 5 - 6

By five weeks old, Tilda is spending increasing amounts of her day away from her puppies. Vocalisations are becoming stronger and the litter greet their mommy noisily when she returns to them, and try hard to follow her. They are now eating solid food several times a day and gradually being weaned of their dependency on her milk. Of course Puppies still suckle ravenously when their mother returns and Tilda now often feeds them standing up and only for a short time. She is also teaching the puppies not to bite too hard.

Puppies were just let outside for the first time ever ... They couldn't wait to explore their new surroundings. For the first time, they got to experience trees. And grass. Some of them got a little too excited. OK, most of them got too excited :-) Most of the time though, they were just busy looking adorable. Even walking away from the camera was cute. Eventually, it was time for a nap. Most were tired only after an hour of play... Some couldn't make it all the way into the bed. And some just decided their first time outside was just too fun to go to sleep yet.

Week 6 - 7

Our puppies are fully weaned and eating 4 meals of puppy food each day. The puppies’ individual personalities are clearer now. Of course they love to play rough with each other and sound ferocious sometimes! But bite inhibition training continues and the puppies are learning not to bite too hard from the reactions of their mother and siblings.
We continue introducing new noises and objects, brushing and handling, especially of feet and toes. Look at mouths and teeth every day. It is not a thorough examination, just making a positive experience by being cheerful and rewarding with high-value treats and play.

Puppies have got their pedigree names and had usual ceremony baptised with champagne 🍾 on their heads and also with invited guests and dinner 🍷🍲 Here some pose photos at 6 1/2 week of age.

Tejarpsdalens Sunshine Of My Life

Tejarpsdalens Scarlet O’Hara

Tejarpsdalens She’s The One

Tejarpsdalens She’s A Sunny Girl

Tejarpsdalens She’s Got The Power

Week 7 - 8

Week 8 - 9

Nu har vi åkt bil 🚗 till veterinären och blivit besiktigade, fått vår spruta 💉 och blivit chipmärkta. Allting var UA och OK och veterinären blev så förtjust i oss att hon ville fotografera 📷 oss!😊🥰 Nu börjar vi flytta i morgon och till helgen till våra nya hem. 🏠

Första valpen ut och hämtad! Christine hämtade Tejarpsdalens Scarlet O’Hara ”Bella” som vi delar och har bibehållen avelsrätt på! Hon bor 10min från oss och det finns en wheaten tik på 11år hemma som väntar! Lycka till! 🥰❤️

Idag flyttade Tejarpsdalens She’s The One ”Mandela” till Nittan & Jan i Kalmar. De har tidigare haft wheaten. Vi önskar Er Lycka till och Vi Ses! 

Först ut till flytt idag var Tejarpsdalens Sunshine Of My Life ”Kuschel” (blå hane) som flyttar till Gabriela & Erik i Oslo, Norge. De har haft 2 wheaten innan. Vi önskar Er All Lycka med er valp! 🥰 Vi ses! 

Andra till att flytta idag var Tejarpsdalens She’s Got The Power ”Sally” (lila) som flyttar till Stefan & Monica i Oskarshamn. Första gången en wheaten men har haft golden innan. Vi önskar er All Lycka med er valp 🥰 och vi ses!

Tejarpsdalens Sunny Girl ”Leja” (röd) stannar ensam kvar några dagar till och övervakas noga av mor Tilda! 🥰 Vi får passa på att kela och njuta ordentligt med henne nu tills hon flyttar. 😊 det blev väldans tomt med en gång!

Så har dagen kommit för oss att lämna iväg sista valpen 😢😢. Tejarpsdalens She’s A Sunny Girl ”Leia”. Hon kommer att flytta till Annelie & Melker ända upp i Norsjö Västerbotten och kommer att få två äldre wheaten ”systrar” på 11 & 6år!
Lycka till önskar gammelmatte & gammelhusse 🥰❤️

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